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Family History

Clay and Bill Below

Henry Clay(ton) Below was born October 16, 1893 in Union County to _________ Below and ______ Below.. 

Willie Knox Pride and her twin, Charles, were born May 17, 1898, to James Porter Pride ("Pappy") and Mary Isabel Christian ("Polly").

John Lamb was married to Julia Haines Pride (Aunt Jule) and knew Clayton Below. One day, speaking of his sister-in-law, Willie, he said, "Clay, you need to meet this young lady." Meet they did, and following Clay's service in World War I, they married and started their family. Eleven children would follow. On August 9, 2019, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their union.

They both passed away in 1976, Bill on April 10 and Clay on December 27.

Elsie Below

Elsie Below was born on [Date] at the Bagby place near Holman School Hill.

Insert text about her early life, education, illness and death.

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